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Eliquis® (apixaban)

Risk Minimisation Information for Healthcare Professionals

Indication for switching to and from apixaban1,2

Switching treatment from parenteral anticoagulants to apixaban (and vice versa) can be done at the next scheduled dose.

These medicinal products should not be administered simultaneously.

Switching from vitamin K antagonist (VKA) therapy to apixaban

When converting patients from VKA therapy to apixaban, discontinue warfarin or other VKA therapy and start apixaban when the international normalised ratio (INR) is <2.0 (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Discontinue warfarin or other VKA therapy
Monitor INR at regular intervals until INR is <2.0
Start apixaban twice daily

Switching from apixaban to VKA therapy

When converting patients from apixaban to VKA therapy, continue administration of apixaban for at least 2 days after beginning VKA therapy. After 2 days of coadministration of apixaban with VKA therapy, obtain an INR prior to the next scheduled dose of apixaban. Continue coadministration of apixaban and VKA therapy until the INR is ≥2.0.

This Prescriber Guide is not a substitute for the apixaban Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC). Please consult the SmPC for full prescribing information.